Monday, January 18, 2016

Guided Choice CLE Program

Paul Lurie
Back in the Fall of 2014 at the Chicago meeting, we were fortunate to have Paul Lurie speak about the concepts of Guided Choice Dispute Resolution. I moderated the session and learned a great deal from Paul and about Guided Choice being a way for our clients to resolve their disputes more quickly and more cost effectively.  

In concert with the American Arbitration Association, Paul has developed a webinar called "Using Guided Choice to Increase Satisfaction with the Value of Mediators." The instructor staff includes multiple luminaries in the world of dispute resolution and construction law, including (of course) Paul Lurie as well as Adrian Bastianelli, Steve Paul, Peter van Osselaer, Michael Leech, Karl Bayer and Denise Madigan. 

Once you register for this webinar, the other great thing about this program is that you can view it at any time on your computer or on your tablet or smartphone. It is a 1.6 hour presentation with slides, and it is available currently (and until the end of February, 2016) for just $50 by going to the AAA's Education Services website.

If you are not sure what Guided Choice is, Paul has also launched a new Guided Choice Mediation/Early Dispute Resolution website. There, you can find out the basic principles of Guided Choice, learn how to choose a mediator consistent with early dispute resolution, and see what role a lawyer plays in this process. In addition, there is a full bibliography for articles discussing and advocating for Guided Choice (including the blog post I wrote for the Dispute Resolver in anticipation of the Chicago meeting).

Finally, if you have specific questions about Guided Choice, I have found that Paul Lurie is very willing to respond to any inquiries. You can e-mail him here.

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