Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cybersecurity and Construction

Jeff Birnbach from The Sylint Group in Sarasota, Florida, and Janice Mock from Nossaman LLP in San Francisco kicked off the CLE portion of our Midwinter Meeting by discussing the fact -- not the theory, but the fact -- that you and/or your clients will probably be hacked at some point in the near future. Whether the hacking comes from people trying to get passwords, e-mail spoofing, phishing, or mirror attacks that bring down your website, everyone is susceptible.

Indeed, one of the major takeaways from this seminar was this: change your passwords regularly. As the slide behind Jeff mentions, 90% of people use the hardly secure password of "1234" for multiple passwords. Even people who take precautions and have different passwords tend to use only 5 different username/password combinations.

So, don't be *that* person. Change your passwords regularly. And, ask someone who attended this meeting how all construction contractors are conduits for phishing scams and targeted hacks.

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