Monday, July 20, 2015

CLE Tip: The ABA's Free CLE Series

Why be a member of the ABA?  What value comes from it?  

Not all members of the Forum on Construction Law or Division 1 are able to be active members.  For these members, the above questions may arise from time to time, why be a member of the ABA? Sometimes these questions may be asked by your law firm management. 

One answer is the Free CLE series provided by ABA.  

I (Tom Dunn) regularly attend these free CLEs.  While they are often on topics outside of my litigation / construction law practice, I find them well done and I ultimately come away with some good information.  I tend to sign-up for them upon receipt of the announcement email.  If I can participate, great!  If not, there is no loss.  

One of these free CLEs is scheduled for this afternoon at 1PM.  It is on Driverless Cars in the Fast Lane: Legality, Safety, and Liability on the Road Ahead.  At the very least, I am sure I will come away from this webinar with some interesting networking talking points.  

Next month's Free CLE is Representing Clients in Mediation: A Master Class in Mediation Advocacy.  This topic fits squarely within Division 1's focus on advocacy.  

So . . . the next time you (or your firm) think you are not getting enough out of the ABA, consider attending these Free CLEs which could get you up to 18 CLE credits each year! 

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  1. ABA now has a "season pass" that will register you for all upcoming Free CLEs. Check it out: