Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Division 1 Construction Law Practicum: Written Advocacy in Construction Litigation

Lawyers often decry the reduced role that jury trials play in deciding construction disputes. As all of us recognize, most cases settle prior to trial because of the inherent risks involved with taking a major dispute all the way through a verdict. 

What that means, however, is that written advocacy has become far more important to obtaining a result with which our clients can be happy.  Advocacy takes many forms, whether in discovery requests and responses, dispositive motions, motions in limine, pretrial statements, or post-hearing briefs.  Each of these forms is a unique way to help our clients to achieve their goals.

On the Wednesday of the Midwinter Meeting in San Francisco, Division 1 is proud to sponsor and help present the Construction Law Practicum titled "Written Advocacy in Construction Litigation." This practicum is being presented in conjunction with the Young Lawyers Division and the Forum Leadership Circle.  

Even though the YLD is sponsoring the practicum, lawyers of all ages should attend. For the low price of $50, you will hear from James O'Connor, Cassidy Rosenthal, and Kent Collier regarding topics such as: 

*  How to advance your client’s case through targeted discovery requests including:

  • Interrogatories;
  • Requests for Production; and,
  • Requests for Admission.

*  Crafting automatic disclosures and responses to discovery requests.
*  Tips for drafting well-structured, clear and persuasive written motions including:

  • Dispositive motions;
  • Motions in limine;
  • Pretrial statements; and,
  • Post-hearing briefs.

Seats are limited for the practicum, so sign up today!

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