Saturday, February 27, 2021

What's Up at Division 1 (No. 8)

February was an great month for Division 1.  The Forum had its first ever virtual construction conference co-chaired by our own Cassidy Rosenthal.  Congrats Cassidy on job well done.  I found the conference platform pretty user friendly and dynamic.  I liked the ability of attendees to submit questions and comments during the program.  I also thought the networking features were pretty cool too.  It was great seeing a lot of our Forum friends during the conference.  Going forward, I am pretty sure we will incorporate a virtual component to our programs as it allows access to those who would rather not travel.  

Division 1 had two division events during the virtual conference.  

First, we had our Toolbox Talk Series about working with experts in mediation.  Patricia Thompson, David Ponte, and Dan Becker did a great job leading the discussion of our 40+ attendees.  Some of the takeaways / considerations form the talk for me included:

  • Providing expert reports or presentations early enough so that the other side can review and process the information.  
  • Be cognizant of the confidentiality of the expert reports for mediation and take measures to avoid those reports being used later in the case by your adversary.  
  • For some disputes, particularly if the project is still ongoing, consider hiring one shared expert to help your client and the other side resolve their dispute.  Dan Becker described how he did this on one project.  
  • Sometimes it is appropriate to have the experts meet together and/or with the mediator to narrow issues.  
Second, we had our escape room event in partnership with Division 7 and Division 9 on February 25th at 3PM.  The event of 30+ attendees started out with 30 minutes of networking.  Michael Martin from LitCon Group, the sponsor of our event, introduced himself and his company's expertise.  Each of the division chairs introduced themselves and their divisions.  Then, each attendee introduced themselves.  We then broke up into groups of 4-5 people to perform the virtual escape room game.  I was randomly paired upon with Division 7 Chair (Mike Clark) and Division 9 Chair (Jeremy Brummond) and two others. We finished the game 15+ minutes early and won!  Everyone was screaming at us when we all got back together that the company had to mute us all to close out the program.  It was a blast! 

In March, Division 1 has four virtual events planned.    

1. March 8 @ 3PM ET - Monthly Meeting.  

Our monthly meetings are always on the second Monday of the month at 3PM.  We discuss future programs and meetings.  This is a good way to get involved with Division 1.  Please join us 

        Join Division 1 Zoom Meeting

        Meeting ID: 669 178 3882

        Password: 826501

2. March 24 @ 6:30PM ET - Wine Event

Thanks to George Fink and BRG, we are participating in a wine class followed by some networking.  We have limited tickets available. Register:   

3. March 25 @ 12PM - Toolbox Talk Series

Join us for our next TTS on March 25th.  This 30 minute event is scheduled for the 4th Thursday at noon.  Please join us for this meeting:

        Join Division 1's TTS 

        Meeting ID: 669 178 3882

        Password: 826501

4. March 31 @ 3PM - Return on Investment of Construction Claims

Our D1 Friends from DPA and Brenda Radmacher will lead a discussion about how attorneys can more clearly answer the age-old question favored by clients - what is this going to cost me and is the return worth the fight? There is no cost to attend and it is open to all interested in the topic.  

We also have some interesting programs in the works for the coming months.  Thank you to everyone for a engaging with the Forum and Division 1 in February.  

If you have ideas, questions, or want to learn more about Division 1 or the Forum, please reach out.  

Chair, Division 1 (Litigation & Dispute Resolution)

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