Monday, November 9, 2020

What's Up at Division 1 (No. 5)

D1 Members . . . October was a BUSY month for us.  Here is a summary of some of what we all did. 

Division 1 Virtual Planning Retreat

On October 13th, we held a virtual planning retreat from 3-5PM.  We had a good representation of our steering committee members, liaisons, and excellent volunteers on the zoom meeting.  We focused on four topics:

  1. Member Recruitment & Engagement 
  2. Division 1 Program / Publications Concepts (particularly virtual programs)
  3. The Dispute Resolver Blog 
  4. Upcoming Forum Meetings 
Member Recruitment and Engagement. Division 1 is an inclusive and ambitious group.  While we have a strong membership, we are always looking for new construction lawyers to bring into Division 1.  During the planning retreat, we discussed how we can increase transparency regarding ways and levels to get involved.  We also discussed our outreach efforts including sending D1 branded desk crumbees to our active members as a thank you.  We discussed reaching out to the Young Lawyers Division and work on programs with the Diversity and Inclusion Committees to expand our membership and give speaking/writing opportunities to our members.   Here are a few concrete example of what we have done along these lines:

We (Katie Kohm) put together the above video explaining how to get involved in Division 1.  The video has great information including the contact information for each of D1's steering committee members.  

We continue to send out our D1 Desk Crumbees.  Here is a photo Steering Committee Member, Rob Ruesch, sent to me with his desk crumbee.  

Division 1 will support the Forum's guide program -- a mentorship-style program without the mentor word.  This initiative will pair up active Forum members with Forum members who are looking to get more out of their Forum membership.  For those interested in serving as a guide, there is a call scheduled for tomorrow (11/10). Please reach out to me if you are interested.  

In addition, we will promote the Forum's new supercharging your Forum membership handout that is full of information about how to get the most out of your Forum membership including speaking, writing, and leadership opportunities. 

Division 1 Program / Publications Concepts (particularly virtual programs)

While we may not be traveling in January to San Diego for the Midwinter Meeting, there are lots of ways that we can interact with our Division members.  We had a 30 minute plus brainstorming discussion about "big ideas" for virtual programing for Division 1 and the Forum generally.  This committee led by Joe Imperiale is just getting off the ground.  If you want to join this "D1 think tank" -- please email/call me!

The Building Results program on October 20th is an example of the success of virtual programs planned by Division 1.  150+ registered for the event with 80+ attending.  About half were law students and half were construction lawyers.  Most, but not all were Forum members.  The first part of the program was a excellent panel discussion.  If you missed the event, you can watch the video of it here:

The second part of the program had networking between construction attorneys and law students.  We had 10 different breakout rooms. Thanks for all of our discussion leaders for helping with this program.  Below is a screenshot from one of the breakout rooms:

The Dispute Resolver Blog & Upcoming Meetings.  We reported on the success of the Dispute Resolver over the years -- 6+ years old!  We gave credit to the excellent editorial team and discussed content that we can publish to benefit the construction law community.  We discussed upcoming meetings and the status of the same.  Keep an eye out for the Forum potentially planning a virtual construction conference next year!  D1's CLE subcommittee team has been working hard to schedule upcoming webinars through 2021. 

While I missed being with everyone at the planning retreat, I was proud of what we accomplished and the energy of our group.  I am particularly excited about a new virtual series we are starting in a few weeks -- D1 Toolbox Talk.  Jade Davis and other members of the Toolbox Talk series have planned an informal, practical virtual discussion series about ADR topics of interest.  Each program will have different discussion leaders.  Check your email inbox for news and announcements regarding the first in the series!  

 I hope you all are enjoying the fall.  It was absolutely glorious in New England this past weekend.  Above is a selfie of my with my family in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  It was a beautiful weekend.  

As a reminder, Division 1's monthly calls are on the second Monday of each month.  Our next call is today, November 9th.  Join us for today's call or upcoming calls:

Meeting ID: 669 178 3882

Password: 826501

Stay safe and healthy.  I look forward to working with you!

Tom Dunn

Chair, Division 1 (Litigation & Dispute Resolution)

401-490-3418 |

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