Monday, August 31, 2020

What's Up with Division 1 (No. 2 | August 2020)

Tomorrow (September 1st) is the start of the ABA Bar Year.  This is when the changes in the ABA leadership positions formally go into effect.  As such, tomorrow I will officially be the Chair of Division 1! 

I want to take this opportunity to say THANKS to Cassidy Rosenthal for doing a fabulous job as Division 1 Chair.  After serving on the D1 steering committee for many years together and planning the Fall 2017 Meeting together in Boston, I have been really impressed with Cassidy's work ethic, professionalism, and skill.  Division 1 is SO LUCKY to have Cassidy's leadership and friendship.  

During her term as Division 1 Chair, Cassidy created our logo during her term and used the division funds to purchase insulated mugs.  Without complaint, she hauled those mugs to two different meetings to hand them out to members.  I think there may still be a dozen or so of those mugs which I will likely bring with me to San Diego at the midwinter meeting in January 2021.  

During this month's steering committee call, we discussed what we should purchase for the 2019/2020 Bar Year.  We selected D1 branded desk vacuums

I will be mailing these vacuums to Division 1's Steering Committee Members, Liaisons, and other active volunteers.  If you are interested in receiving one of these, please contact me (  Once you agree to take on an initiative for Division 1, will mail you one of these vacuums!!

We are starting the bar year off with a lot of ideas and energy.  Here are some highlights!

1. Getting Involved in Division 1 Video.  Katie Kohm created a 7 minute video for interested Forum members to learn about how to get involved in Division 1.  She will be sending it out to new members who have joined our ABA Connect page and otherwise circulating it.  Thanks Katie!

2. Law School Outreach Event.  We have our team for this panel discussion assembled.  The event will be moderated by The Dispute Resolver contributor, Lexie Pereira.  The panelists will be Ed Green (D1 In-House Counsel Liaison), Roy Wagner, Alex Dockery, and Patrick McKnight (also The Dispute Resolver contributor).  MJ Torres-Martin and Chris Sullivan are helping plan this event which will likely occur in mid-October.  

3. Construction Checklist Book.  An editor for the Construction Checklist Book sent an email to all Division Chairs asking for input regarding the publication and seeking authors.  I have asked Mike Lane and Jade Davis to lead this effort for Division 1.  

4. Rescheduled Forum Meetings.  The Fall 2020 Meeting in Memphis is not going forward this October.  The Forum leadership is considering conducting this meeting in the Summer of 2021.  The Annual 2020 Meeting is going forward on October 13-16, 2021 at the same location where it was supposed to occur in April -- Sheraton Grand Hotel, Seattle, WA.  

5. Division 1's Tool Box Talks.  Tom Nocar, Dave Ponte, Scott Griffith, and Jade Davis are planning these roundtable discussions for Division 1.  Some are going to be topical while others will be social in nature.  If you have an interest in joining this planning team, please contact me.  

6. The Dispute Resolver.  The TDR team has done a great job with this blog.  They are using video in their posts which is really cool!  Keep up the great work!

I look forward to working with you all as the Division 1 Chair.  Please send your ideas or just raise your hand and we will find a place for you to get involved!    

Our next Division Steering Committee Call is on Monday, September 14th at 3PM ET. Login information is below: 

Meeting ID: 669 178 3882

Password: 826501

Tom Dunn
Division 1 Chair

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