Friday, April 10, 2015

Litigation tip: Less is often more

Below is a link to a recent article in the Oregon State Bar Bulletin authored by a legal research and writing professor at the University Of Oregon School Of Law.  While many of us find courtroom advocacy more exciting and enjoyable than legal research and writing, brief writing is arguable one of the most important skills needed for a litigator. 

The article focuses on ridding our briefs of needless words.  The author provides four techniques for brevity that all litigators should practice: 1) use a high ratio of working words to glue words; 2) use the active voice; 3) avoid word-wasting phrases; and 4) use base verbs rather than nominalizations.  These points are not novel, but this article does provide a good refresher course on the art of brevity.  In staying true to the topic, this concludes my post!

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