Friday, March 6, 2015

Thank you, Jason Cagle!

Since November of 2012 -- a full year before we transitioned to a blog format for Division 1's news, information, and articles -- Jason Cagle was a member of the Editorial Staff for the Dispute Resolver. Over that time, Jason has been a reliable contributor here, providing us with an excellent view of construction law from Dallas, Texas.

In that time, Jason has become more involved with the ABA Forum on Construction Law -- even starting up a blog for Division 12 called "The Owner's Authority."  Jason also co-authored a chapter on third-party claims with Kimberly A. Davison of his firm which was published in the ABA Publication Green Building and the Construction Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Transactional and Litigation Issues.  Finally, his peers in Texas voted him to be a SuperLawyers Rising Star in Construction Law for both 2013 and 2014

This past week, Jason informed the rest of the Dispute Resolver Editorial Staff that he would be stepping down from his role with the Dispute Resolver.  All of us on the Editorial Staff wish him well.  Indeed, each of us wanted to pass along our thanks to Jason in our own words:

Tom Dunn, Pierce Atwood, Providence, RI:
I enjoyed working on the Dispute Resolver with Jason (even though he implemented all of our ideas to our friends in Division 12).  He was a great editor and is a good friend. I especially enjoy exchanging ideas with Jason about streamlining disputes and efficiently advocating for clients in e-discovery disputes. Thanks, Jason, for all your help with the Dispute Resolver.
Anthony Osborn, Goosmann Law Firm, Sioux City, IA:
It takes a solid team to keep Division 1’s blog running on all cylinders.  Jason was an important part of the team and will be missed.  He did a great job keeping us updated regarding case law developments in the Southern and Southeastern United States, and always provided thoughtful and relevant analysis on a broad array of topics.  Many thanks to Jason for his contributions to The Dispute Resolver.  He will be missed!    
Mark Frilot, Baker Donelson, Mandeville, LA:
As a reader of and eventual co-contributor to the Dispute Resolver, I always looked forward to Jason’s posts and insights regarding the issues unique to resolution of disputes on construction projects. While his Forum leadership will remain, his contributions to our publication will be missed. Thanks, Jason, for helping to launch the Dispute Resolver into a successful, thought-provoking newsletter and blog for our members.
Tony Lehman, Cohan Law Group, Atlanta, GA: 
Jason has been a great help in getting The Dispute Resolver launched after we made the decision to go to an online format. His involvement with Division 12 led to that Division also embracing the blog format, and his good work continues there. Hopefully, he will remain involved with Division 1 even as his participation with the blog comes to a close. Jason, thank you very much for all of your hard work, your ideas, and your time.
We hope you will join us in thanking Jason for his 2-1/2 years of excellent service to Division 1 through his participation as a member of the Dispute Resolver Editorial Staff.

Thank you Jason!

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