Friday, January 30, 2015

A New Name and an Updated Mission Statement

Yesterday, via the Division 1 Listserv, Division 1 Chair Nick Holmes made the following announcement:

During the Planning Retreat in Chicago last October, the Steering Committee reflected on Division 1’s name and mission statement, and after a lengthy discussion concluded that they should be updated.  I am pleased to announce that yesterday the Governing Committee approved the requested changes: 

Division 1: Litigation and Dispute Resolution

“Enhancing advocacy skills of construction lawyers in trials, arbitrations, and mediations; and, developing innovative ADR strategies and procedures.”

Many thanks to all who contributed to this effort.

This change to our division's name and mission is meant to reflect that Division 1 is the go-to division within the Forum on Construction Law for advocacy in litigation, arbitration, and mediation as well as the incubator for new ideas in alternative dispute resolution. 

Our blog's focus is meant to reflect this as well, so please consider contributing an article or providing a link to your already-published article related to construction advocacy and ADR.

Thank you for reading!

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