Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Fall Meeting at the Omni Shoreham Hotel: What did you miss?

Hopefully, you did not miss the Fall 2013 Meeting of the Forum on the Construction Industry, but if you did, here's some idea of what you would have seen, heard, and learned. The plenary sessions and workshops focused on P3s (public-private partnerships, to the uninitiated), which is becoming the emerging way for delivering infrastructure projects for many states, cities, and schools in rapid fashion with less impact on the government's budget.  

As part of the seminar, Division 1 and Division 9 (Specialty Contractors and Subcontractors) held a joint breakfast on the Friday morning of the meeting. Division 1 members Roger Jones and Tony Lehman participated in a discussion moderated by Division 1's Scott Griffith to discuss the unique issues posed by multiparty arbitrations.  

Breakfast panel discussion including Tony Lehman and Roger Jones from Division 1

When people were not listening to the high quality presentations taking place in the meeting rooms, they often sought out their fellow Forum members to enjoy a drink, a meal, or a joke. Here are a few photos taken in Washington, DC, during the meetings.

Georgia Law Graduates and Forum Members (from left) Tony Lehman, Eddie James,
Reggie Jones, and Dorsey Carson

The nighttime courtyard at the Omni Shoreham Hotel 
Rather than hold a formal sit-down dinner, Division 1 opted for cocktails and a view with Division 2. The cocktails and the view were courtesy of the W Hotel's P.O.V. Lounge, which overlooks the Department of Treasury Building and some little residence located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Obama chose not to make an appearance to ask Division 1 for ways to avoid the government shutdown, choosing instead to make a phone call to the President of Iran. 

The Department of the Treasury, across the street from the POV Lounge, where Division 1
 joined Division 2 for cocktails and fun

The White House, from the POV Lounge

Division 1 Chair Lu Prats, with photo-bomber and Steering Committee Member Scott Griffith
Lu Prats holding court (and a cocktail) at POV Lounge, perhaps planning a run for President Obama's house?

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