Friday, January 22, 2016

Plenary VI: Ethical Issues in Electronic Data Transfer

No data is 100% secure. That is what Adam Cohen of Berkeley Research Group in New York City and James R. Hankle of Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, started with as their premise for the ethics seminar at the Midwinter Meeting.

Lawyers must be able to deal with data management in 2016. We have to be aware of how to use the technology, but we also have to be aware of the risks of how data is stored. Every one of us is at risk, so read the materials that Adam and James put together to understand your obligations.

To those of you who attended the Midwinter Meeting, thank you for attending.

To everyone, we hope that you will attend the Annual Meeting from April 28 to April 30 at the Nashville Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

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