Monday, September 29, 2014

The Forum's Searchable Knowledgebase

Information, Please!

Everyone who has attended a Forum meeting knows that the Forum and its speakers produce high quality presentations and written materials. Not everyone knows that they can access all of these presentations and papers dating back to 2002 simply by accessing the Forum’s Searchable Knowledgebase.

The Knowledgebase is more targeted than a Google search and provides well over a decade of information written by experts in the field. Whether it is research on the economic loss rule, a primer on waivers of subrogation, or an explanation of an AIA or ConsensusDocs provision, it is all in the Knowledgebase and waiting for you to use it.

Take a test run by clicking here or by going to the Forum homepage and clicking on the link there. It will change the way you research tough issues in construction law!

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